Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cupcake crush!

Martha Stewart Living just released the February edition of the magazine! And to no one's surprise it features all things red, pink, rosy and hearted. Which I can't resist. Upon flipping through with too small of an attention span to actually read any of the articles, I discovered so many beautiful photographs that I was tempted to cut some out and frame them. Yes, I find them that pretty.
But instead of framing someone else's art, I decided to make my own. Page 39 offered an adorable cupcake that I instantly fell in love with. But again, lacking patience, I skipped the recipe for what offered to be delicious raspberry cupcakes with pink buttercream icing. Instead, I settled for store-bought yellow cake mix and vanilla icing with some red food coloring. It looked just as good.
But the real eye-catcher was the chocolate heart filigree on top. It made the ordinary cupcake look professionally done. And, of course, was far from difficult. It is simply melted chocolate piped into heart shapes, filled with squiggles, and placed in the freezer to harden. You can't beat that.

In a whir of inspiration, I went photo-crazy with these babies.

I'd strongly recommend picking up your own copy of this edition. You will wow anyone with how many pretty pink delicacies you can create. AND there's a full spread on beautiful cake stands! Hello heaven.

XX bakey love

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