Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The curse of pop food.

I am a victim of pop food culture.
Maybe victim is too strong of a word... Guilty participant sounds more suitable.

Food culture is on the rise. Chefs are suddenly celebrities and The Food Network is considered a cool channel to watch among teenagers. Average people are learning to cook rather than relying on fast food, they are learning to value fresh ingredients, and they now take time to make something right. This is a great development.

Then why do I feel so bitter about it?

I think the primary reason is that it takes all the cool out of something so... well, cool. The past decade gave rise to the internet food culture. Being a foodie became so easy as more and more sites with recipes and cooking tips developed. You can now youtube a "how to" video on absolutely anything you may want to learn in the kitchen. People are hosting their own cooking shows. People who maybe like food, who want to impress their friends with their good cooking, but they don't necessarily love it. It diminishes the passion of people who really love it.
Food blogging isn't even cool anymore. Everyone does it. There are hundreds of people blogging about what they cook, what they eat, where they eat... etc. So why do I do it?

Because I love it.

XX bakey love

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