Thursday, January 28, 2010

Words of wisdom

I feel bad that I haven't been putting all my effort into this blog. I just got back to school for second semester, and my days really drain me. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon and be able to write well and often.
But one thing that I wanted to write about briefly is related to my studies. During the first few days of classes, things are fairly light and professors simply give introductions to the course and to themselves. During one of my anthropology classes my professor said something that really stuck with me. As he introduced his passion for cultures, he explained why he is a teacher:

"If you really want to learn something, you teach it."

This made me smile. Not only was he openly admitting to not knowing everything about his field, but he was also sharing wise and truthful advice.
I've applied this idea to the reason why I bake and I blog, I want to keep learning about it. I'm not just writing about red velvet cake because I'm absolutely fascinated by the color choice, but rather, I'm sharing the information as a way to learn more myself.

Anyway, class soon...

XX bakey love

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