Wednesday, January 20, 2010

City of brotherly yum

Today I went into ultimate food zone for lunch in Philly, Reading Terminal Market. Filled with an overwhelming amount of hustle-bustle and countless meal options, I opted for a light lunch in order to sample some baked goods afterwards.
I've been to the market numerous times and still find shops I didn't know about. I'm sure I missed many places but I managed to explore 3 different bakeries.
First on the list, Termini Bros ( Being an Italian bakery started in 1921, I was sure that they had some delicious family secret. I've heard that people rave about their cakes, which were simply beautiful to look at. I personally didn't sample anything from this shop but my sister got an Elephant's Ear pastry and couldn't even talk about how good it was until she had finished eating it. That's a good sign.

My next stop was The Famous 4th Street Cookie bakery ( With such a boasting title, I was ready to be wowed... Not so much. I tried the classic chocolate chip and the oatmeal raisin. Both were good cookies. Properly moist yet crumbly enough. A good size, and not a weird aftertaste. But I wouldn't go back for more, and I certainly wouldn't say they deserve fame. But if you're looking for a nice cookie fix, they will certainly do.
Last, but certainly not least, is the Flying Monkey Patisserie ( I couldn't tell if the owner had seen a lot of people like me before or if he was just trying to act like I was being normal. But truthfully I was acting giddy as anything, snapping pictures and squealing as I read each unique flavor out loud. With obscure flavors like Lavender, Green Mint Chocolate Chip, Apricot Rose etc., I was overwhelmed with decision. There was no way I could pick just one. So I decided on four and promised I'd take them home to share after sampling each. The four flavors I eventually settled on were Apricot Rose, Hazelnut Praline, Wild Strawberry, and Chai. Fun fact: When baked goods are refrigerated, it's best to wait until they reach room temperature before eating; this ensures optimal texture and taste. I could hardly wait but I knew it'd be worth it.
And it was! I adored the Wild Strawberry the most, but none disappointed me. While the chocolate cakes were a little dry, I knew I was buying them at the end of a long day. They still weren't bad. This was by far my favorite part of the day.

XX bakey love

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