Sunday, January 24, 2010

My local favorite

In the order of bakery reviews, I can't help but write about my all time favorite spot. Located on the busiest street in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, sits a tiny bakery, almost missable aside from an awning with a sign reading, The Bakery House. Once inside the tiny door, you will notice the place is filled with all kinds of baked goods. Every time I'm in there I am tempted by each thing I see, especially their freshly baked pies!
But there's no reason for me to feel overwhelmed with choices, it's obvious what I'm going to get.
The Bakery House makes the most unbelievable cake. They have discovered the secret to the perfect balance of ingredients. It's always moist and delectable, but not soggy with butter and never leaves that weird cake-aftertaste. And the icing! Wow, that icing.
My strongest recommendation is to get a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. That's what I've gotten for my birthday for as long as I can remember. And every year it lives up to my memory.
Undoubtably my all time favorite bakery.

Here's a sampling of some of their delicious cupcakes:

  • Top row (left to right): Chocolate cake/mocha icing, vanilla cake/chocolate icing, red velvet, carrot cake/cream-cheese icing.
  • Bottom row (left to right): vanilla cake/vanilla icing, coconut cake/coconut icing.

XX bakey love

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